About Us


Back in time it was called HAIA, it stand for Haiku for Automotive Infotainment applications. The intention was to build a framework using the BeAPI and app_Server to provide a comfortable playground to deploy Auotmotive(Graphic) Applications within Haiku. The idea was not crazy at that time, if Haiku ever would get ported to ARM platforms. Looking how QNX was turning to automotive market, I said myself, why not Haiku too? Somehow what GENIVI could stand for now, or the AGL (Automotive Grade Linux), but for Haiku.

Initial steps of PathGuard in Haiku

HAIA Running in Haiku

Unfortunately the slow down of Haiku, and the lack of hope made me move that framework to the popular OS of the moment. HAIA somehow changed its name to AAIA, got ported to Android in a couple of days and evolved since then a lot. My actual first code in Android was actually porting all this code from Haiku/C++ to Android/Java.

22 Jan 2012

Very First version of PathGuard

Later on it could be seen in automotive industry that the Instrument Clusters of the cars stopped from being needles to become TFT screens, and now ADAS(Advance Driving Assistance System) is just first step in the path to reach the autonomous car. More & more complex Operating systems are inside our cars now. The framework also evolved to cope with these emerging automotive domains.

Out of that framework has born PathGuard, the project who has kept me occupied during these last 2/3 years. And which actually is one of the few project I have managed to finish.