Preparing for Release

It is curious during the close to 2 years in the development of PathGuard. The name of the application, has remained as a TODO task which lasted until almost the very end of the code freeze stage. This website could has not shown anything on the application until the very last stages.

For this reason the Android Java package has changed at the very last moment to perform a celan release APK, forcing us to remake some certificates.

Still on track for 1st September.

Testing PathGuard

Although not strictly necessary, a great and funny way to test Pathguard is get in the car, place the phone in the support and start driving around. Today we have improved the map positioning and zoom adaptation while driving. In time for the incomming release!

PathGuard reaches a stable state

We can say now that PathGuard has reached a stable state, and we are working on the small details to release it to the app stores. The candidate date for the release is September 2015. In the following month after the release we will be updating the Framework source code in the website. The first release will be based on the xAIA framework Falcata version.