Pathguard 1.2, Looking to Gladius

Falcata has been the first codename for our application. While preparing the framework for the next generation “Gladius” we have improved several performance and memory aspects of the application. Certainly only noticeable to slower devices.

Preparing this new version of the framework is needed to start aiming the “Prevent Accidents” part of our goals. We pretend to start looking to the cloud and gather points in our roads where users have suffered high GForces. This will expand the opportunities to warn drivers on dangerous points on the road.

As always, find the download link below:

Pathguard on Google Play

Pathguard 1.1, and first impressions

We have noticed small problems with our firsts users. These little problems have been addressed in the 1.1 version.

Users with Catalan laguage set in their devices were falling to the english version of Pathguard. Therefore the meanwhile we do not receive a translation for Catalan, Basque and Gallician, we’ll make these devices fall to the Spanish translation, which will make their experience more understandeable.

You may have notice we have recovered the title bar on top. We wre reluctant to do so to gain as much space on the screen as possible. We have been forced to introduce already the Action Bar as there were Android 4+ devices which were not having a physical Menu button, therefore those users were unable to start driving.

We’re happy to have been contacted by Appszoom which have added us to their application store, as well as some other companies with sponsoring proposals!

Testing PathGuard

Although not strictly necessary, a great and funny way to test Pathguard is get in the car, place the phone in the support and start driving around. Today we have improved the map positioning and zoom adaptation while driving. In time for the incomming release!