Pathguard 1.2, Looking to Gladius

Falcata has been the first codename for our application. While preparing the framework for the next generation “Gladius” we have improved several performance and memory aspects of the application. Certainly only noticeable to slower devices.

Preparing this new version of the framework is needed to start aiming the “Prevent Accidents” part of our goals. We pretend to start looking to the cloud and gather points in our roads where users have suffered high GForces. This will expand the opportunities to warn drivers on dangerous points on the road.

As always, find the download link below:

Pathguard on Google Play

PathGuard reaches a stable state

We can say now that PathGuard has reached a stable state, and we are working on the small details to release it to the app stores. The candidate date for the release is September 2015. In the following month after the release we will be updating the Framework source code in the website. The first release will be based on the xAIA framework Falcata version.